Sunday, May 27, 2012

Mariz, Myrtle and Tom Nominated - PBB Teen Edition 4 (Myrtle Nominated for a Violation)

Mariz, Tom and Myrtle are nominated this week (6th Nomination Night). This is after the first two got the highest number of votes from their co-housemates.

Meanwhile, Myrtle (cosplayer) was sentenced "Automatic Nomination" from big brother for violating a house rule (talking about nomination?). When she was called, she was trying to defend herself at first, but later accepted her fault.

Though Myrtle was nominated, Big brother prohibited the housemates to ask about the reason of her nomination.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Karen will Voluntary Exit? | Mother's Symbolism | May 8, 2012 Episode (PBB Teen Edition 4)

Karen went emotional after receiving two consecutive nominations in PBB Teen Edition 4. She also came to a point that she wanted to exit voluntarily outside PBB house. Quoted from the statements from Karen,

“Parang negative sides lang ang nakikita sakin, hindi nakikita ung positive sides ko. Parang ang sama sama ko.”

Monday, May 7, 2012

PBB Teen Edition 4 (May 7, 2012) PBB Big Bulilit | Weekly Task

Big Brother has an exciting challenge to all housemates in one of its episodes (dated May 7 2012) this week, to care for the kids aging 3-6 years old. The PBB Big Bulilit challenge was made special particularly to Karen because she was tasked by Big Brother to obtain at least 5 infos from Bree (an English-speaking child), in which she successfully did (with the help of Alec).

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Kit, Yves, Claire, Mariz and Karen Nominated - PBB Teen Edition 4 (3rd Nomination)

After getting the lowest ranking in the Patibahayan contest, Kit's group was tasked by big brother to choose from among the member of the group to be automatically nominated. Kit (leader of the group) insisted the spot for he believed that he is just inside the house for popularity. He added that he doesn't want to ruin the dreams of Mariz and Myrtle so he is willing to be nominated.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Kittle - Kit and Myrtle Love Team

In their three weeks of stay in PBB house, lot of things had happened. Kit, one of handsomest housemates already found two interesting girls in the house. Both with different kind of personalities.

Nikka of PBB Teen Edition 4 Evicted (2nd Eviction Night )

Nikka has been evicted in Pinoy Big Brother house after getting the lowest percentage of votes in PBB Teen edition 4 (May 5, 2011).
Nikka Javier of PBB Teen Edition 4 (Photo courtesy of Pinoy Big Brother)

Nikka Javier "Ala Angel ng Batangas" was welcomed by her Daddy Rodel and her brother JJ. Nikka got 15.08% of votes. Meanwhile Karen got 32.73% while Myrtle got 52.19%.

Who will be the next set of nominated housemates this week? Let's all find out.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Seichang and Pamu (Pamuchang?) Love Team - PBB Unlimited

Another comedy love team is starting to be formed inside PBB Unlimited house. Are there possibilities for Seichang and Pamu? This is after Big brother asked Seichang about his 'type' among the girls inside the house, he said it was Pamu. Meanwhile, Kigoy reacted and said he also wants to court Pamu outside PBB house.

If ever this will work, what will be the best name for their love team? "Pamuchang"? "SeiPamu"?, "ChangPamu"?, "SeiPamu"? You may also suggest at the comment box below.